2 Pin Power Cord 1.3m with L-shaped Adapter for Laptop, Printer

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2 Pin Power Cord 1.3m with L-shaped Adapter for Laptop, Printer, Upix®


Let power flow into your device in hand. The 2-pin power cord will plug into your power socket, and female L-shaped port will plug into your laptop or printer. From supreme efficiency and performance to features of security, it simply sports everything you’d need in a power cord. Power up your devices, and be safe while doing so. Its fine-grade build, and enhanced isolation materials make the 2-pin power cable your best and safest bet for powering up those expensive devices.

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2 Pin Power Cord

The 2-pin power cord is 1.3m in length, and is designed to do its job the proper way. Its male 2-pin plug is to go into the power socket, and its L-shaped female port is to connect to the device you’re looking to charge up. This power cord is built to be compatible with your laptop and printer back home. Its anti-interference feature, and isolation materials, make the power cord a safe and secure option. Its fully-moulded build ensures incredible rates of signal transmission.

In addition, the premium-grade materials used to design the cord offer overload protection. To make sure the cord lasts as long as you’d need it to, it’s texturized using fine-grade rubber. It’ll be compatible with almost every standard laptop and printer, but we recommend you to send us the picture of your device, just to be sure. WhatsApp it to us 91-9016382240 or email it at care@thepoojaelectronics.com.



Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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