Leave your old Den remote that has long stopped working, and get the fully compatible Remote in its stead. It’s built to pair up best with your Den Set Top Box back home, and is designed to make the most out of it. From efficient volume & channel, buttons to feature controls, the remote sports a multitude of functionalities and tools to power up your Den TV the right way. It’s built using a supreme quality plastic and the softest rubber keypads for an optimum browsing experience. Plus, sporting a wider sensor than before, it’ll allow you to control your TV no matter what angle you point it from. Products at Pooja Electronics are shipped only after multiple quality tests, to make sure that only the best quality devices reach your home. Avail the powerful and efficient Den Set Top Box Remote, at the best of prices.



Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 25 × 130 × 3 cm