Electrolux AC Remote No. 62

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Compatible Electrolux AC Remote No. 62, Upix®


Turn on the cooling agents and battle the heat with the industry-leading Electrolux AC, which comes with the Electrolux AC Remote No. 62. Upix® Remote will never lose its cold impact, and you will be able to feel its remarkable conditioning ability. The Electrolux remote’s quality features and controls are totally compatible with the Electrolux AC, and you may verify them on our Pooja Electronics website.


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With the all-new Electrolux AC and its companion Electrolux AC Remote No. 62 will help you to feel its cooling benefits at your fingertips, and now you can look forward to a wonderfully breezy summertime. Upix® Remote has been built with precision and accuracy for you in order to fully refresh yourself. This Electrolux remote has incredible features including the Ionizer function, AC fan speed, silent mode, and swing controls to monitor the complete status display. You’ll feel as though you’re swinging and rolling in the cold air with your quilt, as the cool breeze will lift your spirits! Take a look at the Pooja Electronics brochure and get the items at reasonable prices.



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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