Your current remote might stop working after a while. When that happens, make sure you replace it with something better. Everything that you might need to operate your Hathway Set Top Box  remote efficiently and smoothly, is packed inside this remote-control. Designed specifically to be compatible with your Hathway Set Top Box, it’ll make sure your TV back home runs like it’s supposed to. Since there’s no point in a remote that doesn’t respond as you need it to, it sports supreme quality keypads to put an end to your button-smashing experience. Plus, each of these buttons rests on an ergonomic build, for the remote to sit just right in your hands. With a top-quality build to protect all these features, and a price more affordable than ever, there’s pretty much nothing else you’d need in a remote. It’s shipped after multiple quality tests, to ensure that it reaches your hands in its best shape and form.



Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 25 × 130 × 3 cm