Lloyd AC Remote No. 102

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Compatible Lloyd AC Remote No. 102


Enjoy the cold winds that the Lloyd AC brings into your room, allowing you to take in the fresh and aromatic air. The Lloyd AC Remote No. 102 is perfectly compatible with the Lloyd AC and enhances its functionality. Get your hands on this suitable remote from Pooja Electronics and experience its greatest cooling impact with your guests.


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Feel rejuvenated with the top-grade Lloyd Air conditioner and Lloyd AC Remote No. 102 to enjoy the summertime heat. With such distinctive features, you can track your soundless sleep with the help of the sleep mode button and also learn more about your heartbeat status. Upix® Remote has other features such as the turbo cool mode, power mode, dry mode and heat mode to make you feel the excellent cooling blast coming from the Lloyd AC vents. Make optimized utilization of the full state display to check all the swing positioner, timers, auxiliary modes etc. You can purchase your Lloyd AC Remote from Pooja Electronics at feasible rates, and you can also receive discounted vouchers/offers. 



Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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