Philips LCD/LED CRT TV Remote No. UN154

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Compatible Philips LCD/LED CRT TV Remote No. UN154, Upix®


The most reliable and durable Philips Remote No. UN154 remote is designed with several buttons and noticeable features for a rewarding experience. Upix® Remote will operate all of your Philips LCD/LED CRT TV’s functions and precisely adjust your TV. It is constructed with fantastic keypads and the most satisfying plastic body cover to allow you to utilise the remote efficiently.

Philips LCD/LED CRT TV Remote

This Philips Remote No. UN154 Remote performs admirably in terms of competency and speed. The keypads are correctly constructed, and the rubber used is of the highest quality. The Philips LCD/LED TV remote has the most up-to-date buttons, a quality soft rubber keypad, and a compact look. You will receive the  best quality Samsung remotes from Pooja Electronics at feasible prices, and you can also avail a lot of seasonal discounts! The display is superb, and also the level of performance is high.



Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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