Reliance Reconnect AC Remote No. 171

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Compatible Reliance Reconnect AC Remote No. 171, Upix®


Turn on the cooling agents and battle the heat with the industry-leading Reliance Reconnect AC, which comes with the Reliance Reconnect AC Remote No. 171. Upix® Remote will never lose its cold impact, and you will be able to feel its remarkable conditioning ability. The Reliance Reconnect remote’s quality features and controls are totally compatible with the Reliance Reconnect AC, and you may verify them on our Pooja Electronics website.

Reliance Reconnect AC Remote

With the new Reliance Reconnect AC and its Reliance Reconnect AC Remote No. 171, you can now look forward to a breezy summer with its cooling effects lingering on your fingers. Upix® Remote is precisely and accurately created to fully rejuvenate oneself. This carrier remote has wonderful functions like Ionizer, AC fan speed, silent mode and swing controls to retain the complete state view control. You’ll feel as if you’re rolling and swaying in the cold air with your quilt, because the chilly breezes will make you happier! Check out Pooja Electronics‘ brochure and purchase your Reliance Reconnect remote at a feasible price.


Reliance Reconnect

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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