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Compatible Sharp AC Remote No. 71, Upix®


Looking for a new remote for your Sharp AC? Your search ends here. The remote No. 71 is totally compatible with Sharp ACs. It provides the buttons for every feature on your Sharp AC. Upix® Remote has been designed with special attention towards quality and ergonomics. All this has also been ensured to last longer than before–thanks to its durable build. All in all, Upix® Remote is the perfect replacement for your old remote.

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There are some things you would want in a new remote, and the remote no. 71 is designed to tick off every one of those things. For one, this remote is entirely compatible with your AC back home. It has been designed and tuned particularly for Sharp ACs. The remote houses the buttons for every feature on your Sharp AC. From temperature tweaks to fan controls, Upix® Remote is a complete tool for you to fine-tune your AC to perfection. Upix® Remote has also been designed to be more durable than ever. Only the highest quality of materials has been used to design Upix® Remote to ensure the same. Premium rubber keypads make sure your clicks are as comfy as needed. The keypads have also been built to be more durable than ever. Meaning, they won’t go unresponsive after just a couple months of clicking. All this quality rests on a premium, ergonomic body. It adds another layer of comfort to the grip and control on your remote. All good stuff, right? Now to make sure you get the remote precisely compatible with your Sharp AC, you may send us a picture of your current/old remote via WhatsApp or email. We’ll take a look, and send you the order link for just the remote you need.



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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