Sony Bravia LCD/LED CRT TV Remote No. URC67

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Compatible Sony Bravia LCD/LED CRT TV Remote No. URC67, Upix®


Any remote is supposed to be adequate and convenient, and that’s precisely what Sony Bravia remote is all about. An extensive collection of buttons developed to control all multiple features on your Sony Bravia LCD/LED CRT TV Remote No. URC67, Upix® Remote is everything you’d need to fine-tune your Sony Bravia TV properly. Its keypads and outer build are also as durable as need be for your remote to last longer than ever. 

Compatible Sony Bravia LCD/LED CRT TV Remote

Are you currently looking for a remote replacement? If yes, then Sony Bravia is the most suitable option for replacing your non-functioning remote. You will clearly see a change while using the Sony Bravia remote no. URC67 as it consists of such fantastic features that will blow your mind. The controls are smooth and you will experience proper efficiency while operating your Sony Bravia LCD/LED CRT TV. The keypads are built by using high quality rubber, that are encased with premium plastic covers. All thanks to the newly developed control range as it helps in pointing at your Sony Bravia LCD/LED TV from any direction. Pooja Electronics assures you of providing the best Sony Bravia remotes at your doorstep and also give you great discounts on feasible rates.



Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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