Sony Car Stereo Remote

What would you need in your new stereo remote? Every required button? A proper performance, and a durable build? That’s simply what this remote offers. Reaching out, and directly clicking those buttons is rather inconvenient. Especially if you imagine your friend in the backseat trying to do that. If your old stereo remote has stopped working, just replace it with something better. No second thoughts required. Built with a fine-grade plastic, and soft rubber keypads, this remote is designed with premium finesse in mind. Because it’s simply pointless if buttons were to just stop responding after a couple days of clicking.

To ensure it doesn’t happen, every product at Pooja electronics is shipped only after it passes multiple quality tests. And as far as compatibility is concerned, we recommend you send us the picture of your old remote, just to be sure. You may either WhatsApp it to us at 91-9016382240, or mail it to us at



Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 25 × 130 × 3 cm