Vu Smart LCD/LED CRT TV Remote

It’s completely fine if your Vu Smart LCD/LED CRT TV Remote has stopped working. This remote is compatible with your Vu Smart LCD/LED CRT TV and will simply bring out the best in it. It is built with efficient buttons and functionalities; Vu Smart LCD/LED CRT TV Remote brings the smoothest controls in your hands. With the creation of the most premium keypads, it is built to be more durable than the rest, and you’re free to press away your commands without fearing any sort of button damage. With an ergonomic grip, your palm can feel the touch. It’s designed with a comfortable viewing experience in mind. The VU smart LCD/LED TV prices are at the most affordable rate, and we assure you to offer every bit of quality that you’d expect in remote control.

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Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 25 × 130 × 3 cm