Carrier AC Remote No. 91

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Compatible Carrier AC Remote No. 91, Upix®


Let the magic on your screen never fade away. Get Upix® Remote, and operate your Carrier Remote No. 91 the way it’s meant to be operated. Whatever tool you might need to navigate and fine-tune your Carrier TV, the remote’s got it. Also, experience a tough and durable build designed to protect every one of its features. So, has your remote stopped working? Replace it with the next best thing.

Your Carrier Remote No. 91 has stopped working, has it? Upix® Remote is built to operate your  Carrier TV the right way. It does everything you’d expect a Remote control to do, and it does it better. Since there’s no point of having a high-tech set-top box without the proper tools to control it, the remote sports a wide array of every tool to make sure the fun never stops on your TV. 

It’s also equipped with a wider signal sensor, eliminating the need to point it exactly at the Set top box to get things done. And that is a much-needed upgrade. Designed with a fine-grade plastic and top-quality keypads, its build is simply better than ever. Being shipped only after multi-faceted quality tests, it’s also as resistant to fall-damage as required. Avail it from Pooja Electronics, at the best of prices, and at the best of its quality. 



Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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