Kelvinator AC Remote No. 119

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Compatible Kelvinator AC Remote No. 119, Upix®


Experience heaven with the Kelvinator AC to rejuvenate yourselves to the fullest and also satisfy your chill thrills. This Kelvinator AC Remote No. 119 has many benefits, which include tracking your sleep, setting the temperature to the correct mode according to your preferences, and also switching to the thunder cool mode. A glance at the catalog released by Pooja Electronics and select the most suitable Kelvinator remote for your AC. 

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Kelvinator AC Remote

Activate your morning, evenings, and nights into a chilled zone altogether and enjoy the cool breeze with your Kelvinator AC along with its Kelvinator AC Remote No. 119. You can take your comforter and sleep peacefully along with the chill thrill coming from your Kelvinator AC. The Kelvinator remote will allow you to breathe fresh and pure air even during super humid or chilly times. Upix® Remote is perfectly designed to uplift your mood, and you will always look forward to coming back home! Visit Pooja Electronics to buy the products at affordable rates and redeem the discounted offers anytime.



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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