Kenstar AC Remote No. 41

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Compatible Kenstar AC Remote No. 41, Upix®


Live a care-free lifestyle with the newest Kenstar AC, which comes with the Kenstar AC Remote No. 41 to raise your mood with those chilly vibes! Match your needs and choose the most dependable remote to experience the peaceful energy.

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Kenstar AC Remote

Relieve your stress in the best manner with the Kenstar AC and revive yourself to enjoy the pleasant winds all around the area. Beat the summer heat with icy chills and call out the chilled-out person in you. For a more comfortable lifestyle, this Kenstar AC Remote No. 41 has features such as broader blowers, dual AC functionality, supercharged mode, and auto mode. The Kenstar remote is guaranteed to provide Smart AC controls that enable Wi-Fi interoperability with other devices, and you may download the application for operating the Kenstar AC. Pooja Electronics has a large selection of items for you to pick from, all at low costs and with amazing deals.



Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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