Kenstar AC Remote No. 55

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Compatible Kenstar AC Remote No. 55, Upix®


Turn on the cooling agents and defeat the heat with the industry-leading Kenstar AC Remote No. 55. Upix® Remote will never lose its cold impression, and you will be able to feel its tremendous conditioning performance. The Kenstar remote’s quality features and functions are completely compatible with the Kenstar AC, and you might just verify them on our Pooja Electronics website.

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Compatible Kenstar AC Remote

Have you been searching for your springtime partner? The Kenstar remote is prepped and ready for your instructions. The auto mode, eco mode, sleep mood, and turbocharged mode on this Kenstar AC Remote No. 55 will revitalize your mind with the soothing benefits. You may relax in peace while enjoying the cool breezes generated by your Kenstar remote. Pooja Electronics has produced a booklet, and you may purchase the appropriate Kenstar AC Remote No. 55 according to your necessities.



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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