Midea AC Remote No. 142

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Compatible Midea AC Remote No. 142, Upix®


Midea AC Remote

Live a smooth life with the newest Midea AC along with the Midea AC Remote No. 142 to improve your mood with these cool sensations! Match your needs and choose the most suitable Midea remote to take advantage of the calming energy.

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Midea Remote no.142 is your new calm mate and will always give you the chilly breezes for cooling. It has a lot like power mode, turbo mode etc. – to distribute the chilly wind everywhere. This Midea remote has several functions and you must always use the highest quality devices at home, business and other workplaces to always obtain the finest services. Pooja Electronics exclusively offers its clients high-end products and services to fulfil consumer expectations. For a completely compatible Midea remote, please send a message to us through WhatsApp, 91-9016382240 or send us a message at PoojaElectroniks311@gmail.com



Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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