Onida AC Remote No. 18

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Compatible Onida AC Remote No. 18, Upix®


Switch on the refreshing compounds and beat the humidity with the industry-leading Onida AC, which contains the Onida AC Remote No. 18. Upix® Remote’s freezing effect will never fade, and you will be able to experience its extraordinary cooling capacity. The excellent features and controls of the Onida remote are completely compatible with the Onida AC, as you can see on our Pooja Electronics website.

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Onida AC Remote

Enjoy a chilly break with your Onida AC along with Onida AC Remain No. 18 and transform your mornings, nights and evenings into a completely chilled zone. The Onida remote enables you to breathe fresh and clean air even in exceptionally wet and cold weather. Upix® Remote will elevate your mood, and you will constantly be looking forward to returning home! Visit Pooja Electronics to get items at reasonable prices and redeem the discounted deals whenever possible.



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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