Onida AC Remote No. 7C

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Compatible Onida AC Remote No. 7C, Upix®


Unleash the amazing Onida AC modes and utilise the comprehensive AC Remote No. 7C controls to enjoy your house’s cool winds. This Onida remote has various functions such as follow me mode, smooth mode, eco-mode and turbocharged mode, so that every part of your space is a sensation of delight.


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Onida AC Remote

Enjoy the summer months with the Onida AC. Its pleasant winds and an excellent cooling capability will maintain the chilling effects in your environment. Onida Remote AC No. 7C has outstanding characteristics, reactive buttons and plastic soft rubber while maintaining the robustness of its plastic coating. It even has auto-mode, sleep mode and turbo-mode functionality so you can sleep peacefully. The Onida AC radiates both warm and cold air according to the temperature set on the Onida AC remote No. 7C. With these wonderful characteristics in the Onida remote, you have to go and immediately get the remote and completely rejuvenate yourself in your house.



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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