Panasonic AC Remote No. 145

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Compatible Panasonic AC Remote No. 145, Upix®


With the high-tech features of the Panasonic AC Remote No. 145, you may enjoy a pleasant breeze in your living area all day. Use the heat mode, dry mode, eco mode, and freeze protection mode to easily control the summer heat. The Cruise Remote has higher-quality features, such as larger fan buttons that allow cooler air to move throughout the area.

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The Panasonic Remote no. 145 will give you the most refreshing feelings and will become your chill buddy.

Heat mode, eco mode, turbo mode, dry mode, and other features are available on this Panasonic remote to uniformly spread the wind. Pooja Electronics exclusively sells and serves high-end items and services. To make sure you get the Panasonic Remote which is perfectly compatible with your Panasonic AC, kindly WhatsApp us the picture of your current Remote at 91-9016382240 or mail it to us at



Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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