Samsung AC Remote No. 104

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Compatible Samsung AC Remote No. 104, Upix®


Take the step to live in a better space with your Samsung AC, and it’ll spread its cooling effects everywhere. The Samsung AC Remote No. 104 will surely make you experience some major amazing cooling breezes all over the space. This Samsung AC and its remote will light up your mood, and you’ll only be breathing fresh air! Also, make full utilization of the wider blowers and split AC functionalities.

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Samsung AC Remote

Satisfy your chilly thrills with the brand new Samsung AC and Samsung AC Remote No. 104 and rejuvenate yourself with the freshness of the air. Upix® Remote consists of unique features like split AC, auto-clean function, sleep mode, and turbo mode. Make optimum utilization of prominent features like the turbo mode and auto mode, to experience such cooling effects. Plus, you will surely have a peaceful night’s sleep in your comfort along with the chilly blast coming from your Samsung AC. Accordingly,  you can adjust the temperature through your Samsung AC Remote No. 104 easily. At Pooja electronics, you can glance through the latest collection of remotes and choose the right one for you! You can access the discounted offers and sales at a suitable time, along with receiving high-quality products. To make sure you get the Samsung remote correctly compatible with your Samsung remote, WhatsApp us the picture of your current Remote at 91-9016382240 or mail it to us at



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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