Samsung AC Remote No. 11

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Compatible Samsung AC Remote No. 11, Upix®


In order to maximise your mood, use Samsung AC Remote No. 11 for refreshing your environment with chilly wind. Upix® Remote has amazing functions such as turbocharging, eco-mode, dry-mode and power swings to assist you get the high-quality Samsung AC to beat the heat this summer.

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Samsung AC Remote

Are you looking for your chilling partner in the summer? The Samsung remote is waiting for you. This Samsung AC Remote No 11 includes power mode, eco mode, turbo mode and other primary functions to rejuvenate your mind with refreshing benefits. You may relax peacefully and enjoy the chilling breezes coming from your Samsung AC. See the pamphlet published by Pooja Electronics and purchase the suitable Samsung AC Remote No. 11 as requested.



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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