Samsung AC Remote No. 5

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Compatible Samsung AC Remote No. 5, Upix®


Get your Samsung Air Conditioner working again, with the remote that’s built to do just that. The remote is 100% compatible with Samsung ACs, and houses every single button required to get a full circle of control on your AC. It’s built with soft rubber keypads, and an ergonomic build for the remote to be as comfortable as efficient. Get your hands on just the remote you’re looking for, at prices that make sense.

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 If your Samsung AC remote has stopped working, what’s the hold? Replace it with a better one. The Samsung AC Remote No.5 is 100% compatible with your Samsung AC back home. Quality is the number one concern that people face while replacing their original remote. Which is why we have designed Upix® Remote to be as premium as required. Only the highest quality of materials has gone into Upix® Remote. Its premium rubber keypads are designed to be responsive and durable. They wouldn’t “stop working” after a few weeks of clicking. These keypads rest on a tough plastic build that further adds to the remote’s durability. You are now allowed to slip-up and drop it once in a while. Bring back smart and efficient cooling into your house, with a remote designed to help you achieve just that.

To make sure you get the remote precisely compatible with your Samsung AC, you may send us a picture of your current/old remote via WhatsApp or email. We’ll take a look, and send you the order link for just the remote your AC needs.    



Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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