Sharp AC Remote No. 156A

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Compatible Sharp AC Remote No. 156A, Upix®


Replace your original remote with only the next best thing. The remote no. 156A is designed to be the perfect replacement for your current remote. It is entirely compatible with Sharp ACs and it houses every single button your AC would need. We introduced a new ergonomic design with Upix® Remote. All this magic would also last longer than ever–thanks to the tough, durable build of the remote.

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People do not generally trust a third party remote when it comes to replacing their original remote. But at Pooja Electronics, we have made sure Upix® Remote is everything you would ever need to control your AC the right way. For starters, Upix® Remote has been designed particularly for Sharp Air conditioners. It houses every button you would need to get just the cooling you want. Also, this remote has been designed to be as durable as needed. With premium plastic being used in its outer build, Upix® Remote is more damage resistant than before. The soft, high-quality keypads not only ensure long-lasting efficiency, but also a comfy clicking experience. Superior ergonomics is always great, right? Also, note Upix® Remote will be put through multiple quality tests before being shipped to you. So, it will be the best of our best that make it to you. Now to make sure you get the remote precisely compatible with your Sharp AC, you may send us a picture of your current/old remote via WhatsApp or email. We’ll take a look, and send you the order link for just the remote you need.



Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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