Toshiba AC Remote No. 117

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Compatible Toshiba AC Remote No. 117, Upix®


The future of air conditioning lies in the hands of the Toshiba AC that makes your cooling experience the finest of all. The Toshiba AC Remote No. 117  has an embedded plastic cover along with maintaining the sturdiness of the remote control. The quality of the remote has been kept intact, and you can easily beat the summer heat with the chilling breeze. 

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Toshiba AC Remote

Enjoy summertime with the powerful Toshiba AC, with its chilly breezes and effective power cooling for keeping your surroundings cool. The Toshiba AC remote no. 117  has excellent qualities, responsive buttons, and soft rubber plastic, all the while maintaining the sturdiness of its plastic cover. It even has the functionalities of auto mode, sleep mode, and turbo mode for you to have a soundless sleep. 

The Toshiba AC radiates both hot and cool air according to the temperature you have set on the Toshiba AC remote no. 117. With such extraordinary features installed in the Toshiba remote, one must go and buy the Toshiba AC immediately and just revitalize themselves at their home or office. Start breathing clean and pure air and keep your things cool with the essence of the cold breezy effects. To make sure you get the Toshiba Remote which is perfectly compatible with your Toshiba AC, kindly WhatsApp us the picture of your current Remote at 91-9016382240 or mail it to us at



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