Videocon AC Remote No. 49

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Compatible Videocon AC Remote No. 49, Upix®


Your Videocon AC needs a proper tool next to it, and that’s just what we’re handing out. Upix® Remote is 100% compatible with Videocon Air conditioners, and is designed to help you make the most out of your AC back home. With a premium “feel” and high levels of performance, Upix® Remote is just what you’d need to make sure your Videocon AC works like it should.

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A good AC needs a proper remote that lets you make the most out of it. If you own a Videocon Air Conditioner back home, allow us to give you just the tool your AC needs. Upix® Remote is 100% compatible with Videocon ACs, and is designed to help you get total control over your AC. There are many features on a Videocon AC, and Upix® Remote simply sports the buttons for them all. But compatibility isn’t the only thing that matters to us. Thanks to its all-new ergonomic design, Upix® Remote is extremely lightweight and has a “premium feel” to it. Now, a good “feel” isn’t the only factor on our list either. Which is why, extra resources have gone into maintaining the standard of materials used to design Upix® Remote. Premium-grade keypads and a durable plastic shell ensures a level of performance that lasts. And before being shipped to you, Upix® Remote will be put through multiple quality tests for maximum security.

And finally, to make sure you get the remote exactly compatible with your Videocon AC, you may send us the picture of your current/old remote via WhatsApp or email. We’ll take a look, and send you the order link for just the remote that you’re looking for.



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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