Voltas AC Remote No. 102

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Compatible Voltas AC Remote No. 102, Upix®


Are you looking for your new chill buddy? Then Voltas AC Remote No. 102 can be your new cool companion. So bring on the best Voltas air conditioner to start cooling the fresh air and feel the thrill in the air.

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Voltas AC Remote

Always give yourself the best air conditioner facility and enjoy the cool breeze all over your room with the Voltas AC Remote No. 102. The chilling effect will be very soothing, and you can breathe in the pure air throughout the whole day. This Voltas remote will be your perfect partner to unwind your stress, anxiety and will activate your body’s cooling agents. No one can compete with summer’s heat, so don’t wait for too long, and get the Voltas AC accompanied with the Voltas AC remote. Relish the chilled-out vibes and unwind in peace!



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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