Whirlpool AC Remote No. 129

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Compatible Whirlpool AC Remote No. 129, Upix®


Unleash the impressive Whirlpool AC modes and use the extensive controls of the Whirlpool AC Remote No. 129 to enjoy the chilly breezes at your home. Upix® Remote comprises several features such as the follow me mode, self-clean mode, eco mode, and turbo mode to make you experience the immense feeling of joy in every corner of your room. 

Compatible Whirlpool AC Remote

Unwind your stress in the right direction with the Whirlpool AC and rejuvenate yourself to experience the cool breezes all over the place. Now beat the summer heat with the chill thrills and bring out the chilled-out person in you. This Whirlpool AC Remote No. 129 has various features like wider blowers, split AC functionalities, turbo mode, and auto mode for living a more relaxed life. The Whirlpool remote is guaranteed to provide Smart AC controls that offer Wi-fi compatibility with other gadgets, and you can download the application for operating the Whirlpool AC. Pooja Electronics presents a huge collection of products for you to choose from, all at affordable prices and great offers. 



Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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