Whirlpool AC Remote No. 134

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Compatible Whirlpool AC Remote No. 134, Upix®


Whirlpool AC Remote

You may feel the cooling wind all day in your comfort area with these high-tech functions of the Whirlpool AC Remote No. 134. The heat, dry mode, eco mode, and freeze protection mode may be used to easily control the summer heat. Whirlpool Remote has stronger quality and broader fans that enable cooler air to move across the area.

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Enjoy a chilly break with your Whirlpool AC along with Whirlpool AC Remote No. 134 and transform your mornings, nights and evenings into a completely chilled zone. You may comfortably sleep together with the cold pleasure coming from your Whirlpool AC. The Whirlpool remote enables you to breathe fresh and clean air even in exceptionally wet and cold weather. Upix® Remote will elevate your mood, and you will constantly be looking forward to returning home! Visit Pooja Electronics to get items at reasonable prices and redeem the discounted deals whenever possible.



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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