Whirlpool AC Remote No. 84

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Compatible Whirlpool AC Remote No. 84, Upix®


Step in for a nicer environment with your Whirlpool AC and it’s cooling  effects will extend across the house. The AC Remote No. 84 released by Whirlpool will certainly help you feel the tremendous cooling winds around the place. This Whirlpool AC and its remote will make your mood light and you’ll breathe fresh air exclusively! Make full use of the broader blowers and divide AC functionality.

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Whirlpool AC Remote

Whirlpool Remote no. 84 will let you feel the greatest refreshing sensations and become your new relaxed companion.  This Whirlpool remote has various capabilities such as the heat mode, eco mode, turbo mode, dry mode, and so on to distribute the wind everywhere. The remote always utilises the best-quality equipment to obtain top quality home, office and other workplaces services.

Pooja Electronics offers high-end products and services solely to its consumers to meet their expectations. To make sure you get the Whirlpool Remote which is perfectly compatible with your Whirlpool AC, kindly WhatsApp us the picture of your current Remote at 91-9016382240 or mail it to us at care@thepoojaelectronics.com.



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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 3 cm


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