HDMI Adapter, Extender Jointer (Female to Female)

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HDMI Adapter, Extender Jointer (Female to Female), Upix®


HDMI essentials are always great. We bring to you the HDMI jointer for you to extend your HDMI connections. The high quality of materials used to build this HDMI extender will make sure that the audio-visual transmission retains high quality. Also, know that only the best of our adapters will be shipped to you. Each of our products here is handed out only after it’s put through multi-faceted quality tests.

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Looking to extend your HDMI connections? You don’t need to look elsewhere. We bring to you the female-to-female HDMI extender/jointer to make your connections better. HDMI connections are super helpful when it comes to high quality audio-video transfer. We bring to you this HDMI extender/jointer to meet your connection needs. It sports a female-to-female connection. With only the highest grade of materials being used to design this adapter, you may expect a high quality of performance from it. This extender sports gold-plated connectors for the high signal speed and quality. It has also been designed to be anti-corrosive. This extender is everything you would need to extend your HDMI connections in the best of ways. Also, this extender will be put through multi-faceted quality tests before being shipped to you. So you may expect a product that’s here to last. If you’re confused regarding which adapter your device needs, we can help you out. Just send the picture of your device or current adapter over WhatsApp or email. We’ll take a look, and send over the order link for just the tools that your devices need.



Weight 0.068 kg
Dimensions 4 × 35 × 2 cm


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