USB Extension Cable (Male to Female) 9.1m

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USB Extension Cable (Male to Female) 9.1m, Upix®


Strengthen your connections in the most effective way possible. The m 9.1m Male to Female USB extension cable is designed to expand your desktop or 2.0 system’s USB connection to any cable or accessory of your choosing. The Male A pin connects to your computer, while the Female A pin connects to the cable you wish to extend or the system you want to connect to. Connect the Flash Disk/Pen Drive or Card Reader to your computer and place it wherever and wherever you like.

Do you want to use your computer’s USB port to connect to a certain peripheral? Do you want greater flexibility with your flash drive or pen drive? With the Male to Female USB extension cable in hand, you may take care of all of these requirements. It’s perfect for connecting printers, PCs, and other devices. It’s perfect for connecting printers, computers, external hard drives, and USB accessories such as cameras, mice, and keyboards. It’s also ideal for data transfer and charging, as well as your LED/LCD TV.

Furthermore, it is designed to provide you with long-term efficiency. It has a degree of quality that could well put an end to your frequent cable hunts, thanks to premium quality copper and securely plated connector pins. We recommend sending us a photo of the systems you want to link with this connection to verify 100 percent compatibility with your device at home.



Weight 0.285 kg
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 4 cm


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