VGA Cable (Male to Male) 9.1m

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VGA Cable (Male to Male) 9.1m, Upix®


This high-quality VGA Cable (Male to Male) has a length of 9.1m and will effortlessly connect your LED, Plasma, LCD and other accessories to your PCs and televisions. You may also connect the video card to the monitor display by merging the RGB signals coaxially.

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To connect a PC, HDTV, Plasma, LCD/Led, Projector, TFT, PC, Monitors to the One Cable appliance, use a VGA Cable with a length of 9.1m and a configuration (Male to Male). Increase the image colour by co-axially fixating the RGB signals for improving the quality. Pooja Electronics provides substantial savings and discounts on the high-quality VGB cable. Also, please send us a photo of your existing VGA cable over WhatsApp at 91-9016382240 or mail it to us at



Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 19 × 6 × 3 cm


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