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With the numerous technological advancements in air conditioner technology, You could be able to get confused by the numerous names and symbols that appear on your remote control for your air conditioner. Unless you’re extremely specific about your home’s environment or have read the instruction manual on your remote, chances are you’ll only know the cooling and heating modes of your air conditioner. 

Air remote controls for air conditioners are fitted with a variety of functions to make it easier for you. In addition to the standard cool modes as well as vane control, fan speeds, and so on. Many other symbols can be incredibly difficult to comprehend! But, understanding them will greatly assist in keeping your home at the ideal temperature. Now with technology, you can find your smart remote online.

This blog will review a few of the best AC modes that are usually on AC remotes. We will also be looking at some advanced features that some units may have. And some tips for creating your AC smart! Remember that there are hundreds of AC manufacturers around the world, and every manufacturer provides numerous remotes. Each remote control for an air conditioner comes with its own specific technical terminology and patent names. Although most have standard functions, the precise labels could differ. This is why it’s not possible to cover every feature offered by each manufacturer, or else this blog could turn into an essay, and nobody wants to read it!

AC Modes on Your Remote Control

These are the typical or standard settings that almost all air conditioner manufacturers provide. It is not the only option, however. AC modes heavily depend on the company that sells the air conditioner. Here are some of the most common ones you need to know and use to your advantage.

Cool Mode

This is the mode that most of us are familiar with when it comes to air conditioners. When this is on, the air conditioner activates the compressor and then pushes cold air into your room. When the temperature sensor in the AC detects that the temperature you want is attained the compressor will turn off and the fan will only continue to run.

This is the highest energy-intensive setting that you can find on your remote control. The lower the temperature set, the more duration of time the compressor will operate.

Fan Mode

If the fan mode is on the internal fan within the AC circulates air in the room. This is done without cooling, just as the normal fan.

The primary benefit that comes from using the fan mode on ACs is that it provides savings in energy due to the absence of compressor functions. Unfortunately, it does not provide any cold air but rather is used to circulate or blow air.

Dry Mode

If you live in a humid location, you’ll be acquainted with the dry mode settings of your AC. If it’s a humid day, however not hot, and you’re sweating down your forehead, it is your preferred mode.

Dry mode eliminates the excess humidity from your room by switching the compressor off and on for short durations of time. In the meantime, the fan is operating at a slow speed. The run-time of the compressor is set to make sure that when the humidity sensor inside the AC detects an unsatisfactory level of humidity the fan is shut off.

Heat Mode

In this manner, the airflow inside the unit’s air conditioner is turned off. The result is that warm air is brought into the room rather than being forced out into the outside. Cold air, on the other hand, is ejected to the outside.

The warm air is supplied through the compressor which is currently operating. Instead of cooling air, the compressor is now providing warm air, which is an ideal setting for winter months.

Auto Mode

Like the cool mode, the auto mode on the remote of your air conditioner control allows you to reach the set temperature and maintain it. The AC will automatically adjust the speed of the compressor and fan to the temperature of the room at present.

When the desired temperature is reached The compressor is then shut off and the speed of the fan is continuously adjusted via the AC. When the temperature changes from the setpoint the compressor is switched on and the fan adjusted to ensure that the desired temperature is reached immediately. Many companies like Samsung AC Remotes have this feature.

Sometimes even the fan is shut off once the desired temperature is achieved to save even more energy.

Eco Mode

This is the look everyone loves! Every modern remote control for air conditioners is equipped with this feature. It works by efficiently utilizing your fan and compressor to ensure that the energy used is minimal to reach the temperature you want.

Different manufacturers employ different techniques to achieve this. Some manufacturers set the desired temperature just a few degrees the temperature you choose. When the AC attains this temperature the compressor is shut off, but the speeds are maintained. This helps to reach and keep the temperature you want, however, without requiring additional energy.

Turbo Mode

The opposite of eco mode turbo mode is that it goes all-in to reach your desired temperature in the shortest amount of time possible. The maximum power is utilized in this mode that has both the fan and compressor running fully. This is referred to as jet, fast, powerful, or high-power.

As you can imagine energy consumption is extremely excessive in this situation, so it is best to only use it for a brief period of duration. This is ideal when it’s extremely hot or extremely cold. Once the temperature drops, you can shut off the energy. 

Self-Clean Mode

In the course of use the dirt will build up inside the AC unit, leading to the spread of harmful microorganisms to the air.

Auto clean or self-clean mode helps to prevent the development of airborne bacteria by removing moisture within your cooling and heating unit. This is a lifesaver in humid climates. It cleans and dries your evaporator, keeping your AC fresh for the next time.

The self-cleaning mode of your HVAC unit provides you with the peace of mind that the air you breathe is healthy.


Understanding your air conditioner remote control is essential for maximizing comfort and energy efficiency. Cool, Fan, Dry, Heat, Auto, Eco, Turbo, and Self-Clean modes allow you to customize your AC settings. Some manufacturers may use slightly different terminology, but the basic functions remain the same. Whatever the weather, mastering your AC remote’s features can ensure a cozy home. Pooja Electronics carries a wide range of replaceable remotes for all types of brands.  

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