Air Conditioning Setting Symbols Explained

There are many cool features on your AC remote. But are you sure you know what every single button is for? People often prefer to stick with the basic temperature controls when it comes to their AC. And that is understandable. There are enough buttons on an AC remote to confuse you. Allow us to help you out here.

We are writing this blog to walk you through every single button on your AC remote back home. By the time you are done reading this, you will be ready to make the most out of your AC! Isn’t that great?

One thing though- There are hundreds of AC brands out there–each of them with some unique features. We obviously can’t write about every single one of these features. And you wouldn’t be interested in reading something that long either, right? So, we have talked about the most common buttons you’d see on an AC remote.

Let’s get to it!

1. On and Off 

You already know this. The on/off button is usually represented with a vertical bar. This button is used to turn the AC on or off (Obviously).

2. Cool mode 

The Cool mode on your AC is represented by a snowflake symbol on your remote. This is probably the most used feature on an AC. The cool mode makes your AC blow nice, cool wind into your room–till your desired temperature is achieved.

3. Heat mode 

The Heat mode is represented by a symbol of the sun. As the name suggests, this button has the exact opposite effect of the cool mode. This feature makes your AC blow warm air into your room and eject cool wind out into the environment. Is it freezing? Need some warm air? Turn on the heat!

4. Dry mode 

The Dry mode is usually shown by a couple of water drops. This mode is ideal when there is extreme humidity in the air. It makes your AC run its fan at slow speeds while turning the compressor on and off as needed. This does its magic in removing all the unwanted humidity in your room.

5. Fan mode 

When it’s hot around, but we don’t really need intense “cooling”, we call upon the Fan mode. On your remote, its button will be shown with the symbol of a fan. This feature turns on the in-built fan of your AC to give out air. The Fan mode is great for some moderate cooling with low energy consumption.

6. Fan speed

As the name suggests, this button lets you control the speed of your AC’s in-built fan. This is usually displayed with the symbol of signal bars. The higher these bars, the faster your AC fan will operate. Simple, right?

7. Turbo mode

Got a need for speed? You can put the Turbo mode to use. If you see a human figure flexing his biceps or the symbol of a thunderbolt, that’s the button for turbo mode. This allows you to “speed things up” in your AC. Whether it is the cool mode or heat mode, switching on the turbo allows your AC to reach the desired temperature as quickly as possible.

8. Auto mode 

If you think your AC knows better, you can put the Auto mode to use. It’s usually represented by the letter A. In some models, the letter A is housed inside four arrows. Enabling the Auto mode tells your AC to adjust its cooling based on its surrounding temperature. This works in both cool mode and heat mode.

9. Vertical air swing 

This allows your AC to direct its cooling vertically in three directions- Static, oscillating, or automatic. This mode is usually represented by the symbol of an AC giving out multiple strokes of air (vertically).

10. Horizontal air swing 

Similar to vertical air swing, the Horizontal swing mode allows you to select the horizontal airflow of your AC. This mode is displayed by the symbol of an AC giving out horizontal strokes of air.

Well, that was all! Hopefully, you can now put your AC to its best use. You have probably worked hard to get hold of that great AC back home–now you deserve to make it work as it should! Knowing the ABCs of your remote is that important step #1.

Still got queries? What are we here for! At Pooja Electronics, we are working to make your lives easier. Contact us, let us know how we can help, and we will get it all sorted out.