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A glance at the typical coffee table in the living room will reveal not one, not two, but an entire set of remotes: one for TVs, another for the cable box, one for the Blu-Ray player and a stereo system, and one for the home lighting system. Amazingly, these gadgets don’t break frequently, as they often do. Many sellers like Pooja Electronics can help you locate that perfect remote.

These days, you don’t have to remember all the different remotes. Instead, you can use only a smart remote to manage all your other smart home gadgets. Here’s the information you need to know before buying a smart remote.

What’s the smartest remote?

If you’ve heard of “universal remote” before, it’s identical. The difference is that a modern remote is also capable of controlling more than just TV-related electronic devices.

A smart remote is typically able to control a range of devices in your home, ranging from home media essentials such as your TV and speakers to connected devices like the smart lighting system or thermostat. It does this by incorporating a variety of infrared (IR) sensors and radios that can control the television, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for home devices that are connected. Smart remotes may have a display that adjusts to the gadget you’re using. Certain smart remotes are physical devices that can occupy an entire space on your coffee table. At the same time, some are applications that utilize the built-in capabilities of your phone.

Are there any negatives for an intelligent remote?

In contrast to smart TVs or connected cameras, smart remotes should not pose a potential Internet of Things (IoT) security threat to your home. If your house is brimming with connected devices, the biggest security risk is their connectivity to the internet. The addition of a smart remote to the mix won’t increase the risk to one of these devices, especially when you’re following the basic security guidelines for your home.

If you buy an actual smart remote, it’ll come with the same disadvantages as a regular remote: it has to be recharged regularly, you can’t drink or spill soda onto it, and it may be lost in the cushions of your couch. A smart remote that is powered by a smartphone is ideal because it’s always in your pocket. However, it also has its drawbacks: Without the IR sensor or transmitter, it will not be able to connect to your television (or other devices that utilize IR). If you lose your phone, it’s also possible that you’ve lost your universal remote.

What Is a Universal or Smart Remote?

The days of remotes for TVs were only available to one television. Nowadays, you can purchase one remote for a variety of TVs. Still, you can also convert your smartphone to TV remotes. If you’re searching for the best universal remotes for 2024, we have the answer for you. Before we get into the specifics, let’s understand what a universal remote is.

To begin with, be aware that the universal remote and the smart remote are different. A smart remote will ensure that you have control over more than the TV. There are many options for the top universal remotes in 2024. We’re going to present the best at a reasonable price.

How Many Types of Remote Control?

This is where things could become a bit complicated. If you thought there was only one type of smart remote, then you should rethink the market for smart remotes since it is growing rapidly. Read the following article to learn about the different kinds of smart remotes that are available on the market

1. Universal remote

The most well-known smart remote is the universal remote. It is not just for controlling your television but for other devices and appliances as well. One benefit of having a universal remote is that you remove the need for multiple remotes and depend on one remote to control your appliances and TV. These universal remotes have been ergonomically designed to provide an intuitive interface, which improves the viewing experience.

2. Smart Phones & Tablets:

Is there anything better than turning your tablet and smartphone into TV remotes? It’s probably the best option for those looking to get rid of the notion of TV remotes because they are easily accessible to all the family. Certain devices and apps transform the phone’s function into a remote for the TV, so you can browse through your favorite shows without concerns. The best part about making your phone TV remote is the ability to stream your videos, photos, and music to the TV screen.

3. Voice Control Remotes

Don’t be a slave to the traditional TV remotes that require you to press and hold buttons for a long time to change channels. Now, you can purchase remotes with smart voice control. You can now discover smart TV remotes that have built-in microphones. Yes, you read that right with voice control remotes; all you have to do is to use the button to control your voice and then say what you’d like to watch on the TV. The majority of smart TV remotes come integrated with Alexa and Google Home, making it extremely easy to navigate through channels and programs.

4. Keyboards and Touchpads

Touchpads and keyboards on your smart TV remote can be helpful, especially if you write lengthy movies and TV shows. It is simpler to type on and move smoothly across the touchpads. The response time of certain touchpads in the TV remote control is extremely fast and can alter the method you operate your remote. The presence of a touchpad on the remote control for a smart TV could reduce the need for buttons.

What Are The Features of a Smart Remote?

Now that you have a good understanding of what a smart remote is let’s get into its features and specs. When it is about smart remote functions, there are many things to learn about here. Each smart remote differs from the rest and has something unique to provide. However, you must know which one is suitable for your television. One of the main benefits of a smart device is that it can be linked to your television along with DTH. Remote access could be shared among family members. The smart remotes you have will be wireless and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Let’s explore the features in depth.

1. Alexa In-Built

IoT-based technology can take your smart remote a step higher, as it is now equipped with voice-controlled technology. The built-in Alexa function in your remote will allow you to direct your remote to speak to it. All you need to do is push an icon and say whatever you wish to watch. Not only that you can also play music and use your home smart devices to control and a lot more. Brands such as Samsung, LG, and Oneida have integrated Alexa built to their remotes.

2. Wi-Fi enabled remote

Most smart remotes have Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect your remote to your smartphone. It also allows you to control your TV to turn it on and off. The most modern technology of Smart Wi-Fi remotes for TV doesn’t stop with the enthralling Wi-Fi remotes that can change channels and adjust the volume.

3. Family Sharing

One of the best benefits of having a remote for your smart TV is that you won’t have to fight over a TV remote anymore. Everyone in the home will have control and utilize the remote at their convenience.

4. Solar Charge

This is the most recent development in the field of smart TV remotes. Recently, Samsung has introduced an Eco remote that comes with solar charge options. These remotes can be charged by lighting fixtures for both indoor and outdoor use and come with a USB Type-C port. The most recent technology for RF harvesting converts the radio waves generated by the router into energy that allows the remotes to keep their charge.


You can bring home the most recent smart TV remote that will keep your worries at the back of your mind. Smart remotes let you control your TV from wherever you want. Not only that, with the voice control technology, you can speak into the microphone built into the smart remote to tell Alexa to play the program you want to watch. Switching to an intelligent remote is not only time-saving but also cost-saving.

While you’re at it, be sure to look at the stylish and highly efficient smart remote for TV from Pooja Electronics. The remote for your TV features family-sharing technology, voice control global remote access, and many more. The best part is that the Zunpulse smart device is surprisingly priced. Check out the guide to get an understanding of how to utilize this smart remote on your television. Don’t hesitate to grab the most advanced smart remote for your TV for an incredibly low price.

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