Ten ways to increase the life of Electronic Utilities

“Stretch every morning to get going for long life! – One healthy advice that is held sacred, do we have one fits all pro-tip to elongate your electronic items? Yes, don’t throw your TV remote on the couch & then sit on it! Let’s dive into the basics of do’s & don’ts with the Pooja Electronics Pro Tips”

Happy Valentines’ Readers,

It’s that time of the year when we look forward to big sales of New Year and brace ourselves to “New year, new phone” indulgence.  Every year, market is flooded with avalanche of new fancy products with attractive LEDs leaving its glowing impact on our minds and little voice that goes, “Buy me, you need me”. 

What it is that you say, “You bought her new headphones on Valentine?” If not, you must (click here for super fun Artis Headphone)! Because electronics are not only fun but also increasingly ease our lives so much so that they have become inseparable parts. So, just like everything needs care, they need attention too but we consciously dispose that norm with “No time for cleaning a damn keyboard with a blow dryer!”

We get it, with our super-busy lives; we do not have time to clean 100 electronics which we have collected over the years to ease our life. If we were to take care of all of our electronics, then what time saving use remains of them? Yeah, experts at Pooja Electronics get your vibe on this. Don’t worry, quickly find below the ten most simple, time saving, super-effective ways to extend the life of your beloved electronic and electrical items. We wanted to say we love you to all our customers so we added a Hack special to our Hacks blog – Pro-tips (skip straight to them if your phone’s battery is dying).    

With luxury comes cleaning!

1) Computer & related peripherals: Preferentially the most ignored and abused device in our homes, they also cost a dear amount when they shut down – motherboard crashes, fan fuses & power surges. These three are the main situations that you need to avoid to extend life by at least 4-5 years. Clean out the dust and tiny pet hairs that subside over time & cause glitches. It will take your 30 mins once a month to remove the lid of CPU and blow dry it and dust the parts. Be as gentle as possible like Johnson & Johnson’s ad baby. 

Use a cooling stand

Defragmentation (once a month) and timely updates

Surge protector

Pro Tip: We recommend that instead of after maintenance like cleaning PC fans & changing mouse pads, you invest one-time cost in two things –

1) Cooling stand so that even if you skip cleaning PC for two centuries, it stays cool with this extra support

2) Spongey Thick mouse pads- Just flip it when dirty and keep flipping until you find the time to clean. 

3) Keyboard screen guard: Dust settlement between keys severely spoils the looks & damages the backlighting of keyboard. Better buy this than a blow dryer.


2) Speakers, Headphones & Earphones: These are easy – beat them with your duster cloth when passing by them in the house. If you have affixed speakers that are hard to reach on daily basis, you should buy an extranet and cover it. You can get really inexpensive nets which do not interfere with the sound quality and prevent dust settlement. As for headphones & earphones, make them miss your gym as much you miss them. Do not stretch the wire, it doesn’t get flexible but over time loses underwire strands. Beading extra thread is the new trend that you can waste your money onto but wiping the area with paper tissue now and then and folding the wire in circular motion does more than you imagine. 

Pro Tip: For speakers, keep space between the back of the speakers & area where you keep them to prevent from heat build-up & cover with cloth. 

For wired earphones & headphones: invest in small box that fits in your pocket & fold it. We would say use a rubber band but we lose it a lot so never mind. 

For wireless earphones & headphones:  Do not sleep while keeping their Bluetooth on, biggest mistake we do is keep its Bluetooth on and switch off mobile’s. It drains the battery & hence reduces the number of battery cycles. Avoid using it in hot temperatures. 


3) Calculators & Clocks & one-purpose machines:

Pro Tip: Batteries. Batteries. Batteries. First, buy only branded battery with proper seal. Second, no matter you used it or not, replace them in every six months. “But I didn’t calculate or went to any trip!” Yeah okay, but would you rather damage your costly DSLR Camera than replace batteries? 

Cover your calculators with soft cloth when not in use. 


4) Bells & other outdoor electronics: Rainy season is the number one enemy of electronic items. Power surges, power cuts, current fluctuations, fuming fuses and anything that could possibly play Thanos to electronics appear in this season. Bells should have highest quality wire with insulation to earth connection even though that sounds like a silly thing. Same is the case with water motor or any device that has LED panel, high DC voltage usage requirement: giving them three way connections is the prevention. 

Pro Tip: You cover your costs if you grease your water motor, invest in wires for bells and outdoor light switches. That’s it. 


5) Televisions & Accessories: Humidity is the evil that foils your TV screen. Place your TV at a place where walls are free from water leaking & have a fan. Maintain a distance to avoid heating up. Do not stick your TV to wall! 

Keep your oily greasy hands of French fries away from remote and wipe off with tissue whenever possible

Pro Tip: Do not sit on TV remote on regular basis and do not throw it as a snack to your pet dog. Though TV remotes are of good build quality, it is the batteries that leak & crush you channel switching fun to dust. 

Avoid making popcorns after movie starts! Basically, please avoid using microwave oven, washing machine and TV at the same time. Small power surges lead to real damage over time.  

Same goes for vacuum, water motor, water heater too. Out of all six, use only 2 at a time. 


6) Power cables, adaptors & switches:

Pro Tip: Switches and switch board place themselves second when it comes to us abusing them. As opposed to popular believe, number of times, you play clickety click is not related to how much it stays proper. It actually depends on insulation system.

Power cables should not be stored in plastic containers, instead use cardboards and do not keep your capacitors in it. Prepare separate boxes for all electrical components. 


7) Purifier systems: Change filters every six months, it is costly. But you can reduce costs by purchasing filter on your own. Most of the times, we let the servicemen buy it and they secretly charge you extra! Only pay for service charges, not the components! Go online, people. 


8) Refrigerators: Cooling things attracts all kinds of menace, start by leaving a good space from the back of fridge. Everything that cools inside, heats up outside. If you keep it in kitchen, we recommend otherwise but if you still do it, try to place exhaust fan on the opposite wall so that it helps in driving out the hot air. 

Pro Tip: You have to clean refrigerator and call serviceman to clean the bottom most trays once every year. Period. 


9) Air Conditioning systems: Keep your outdoor unit lifted from the ground and because we said no talks about extensive cleaning. We have a wonderful solution of building pigeon cage for outdoor unit. A lot of pest control service providers offer it for AC and it is great investment. 

Pro Tip: Use air dryer at nights if you use it in AC room, it puts less burden on it. That’s like don’t heat the room so that you don’t have to cool it. No, that’s because at night, AC can relax a bit. It helps in increasing the renewal time of compressor gas.   


10) Most Pro Tip EVER: Turn off your electronics & don’t overcharge it. It is convenient to leave your phone in charging while you nap. You should totally practice this only if you have auto-cut off charger. It will still damage your charger but not phone. Whether its’s AC, TV remote or Oven, switch off the main switch because as time passes, current does inadvertently leaks in small portions and you DO NOT WANT THAT.

That’s it; you are on track to achieve immortality of your beloved gadgets & big machines! On the end note, we just want to let you know as a dealer of a lot of electronics items, we know a thing or two about manufacturers and trust us – Planned Obsolescence is stuff of urban legend in anti-marketing books. It is really more of myth than reality. But here is “scientific survey” to make you believe that many manufacturers do not actually build products that do not last long on purpose. We, at Pooja Electronics, agree with the Germany’s Environment Agency (UBA) study that inventors do not design their products to fail after certain running duration so that sales demands of repair parts, replacements and new models stay afloat. 

Just to share a little more about it, the study also revealed that it is actually deterrent to our nature causing heaps of dangerous waste (fluids, lead in semiconductors, etc.) and a major cause of pollution if we change or dispose our electronics too often and reach for the new one. Longer life spans of products ensure we help nature & our bank balance.

Wait, what’s the good news? We, at the Pooja Electronics, only keep products of manufacturers who believe in “Built to last” quality assurance. Shop now from our exciting range of products online.

See you soon with more exciting information! 

Have an electrifying valentine’s celebration!