Electronics & You – How easy these devices can make our lives

“Remote controls your daily life or your electronic devices?

In this classic debate of Is technology good for us, we see it is multi-dimensional approach and ‘self-control over remote control’ is where the trick lies”

It was 1835 when the first ever remote controlled object was invented. It was a simple relay, can switch off and on the light remotely similar to what Google Home or Amazon Alexa does for us now, in perspective! Innovation is the key. Electronics have transformed our lives would be an understatement. We, at Pooja Electronics, recognize and realize the omnipotent presence of little electronic devices and how they to this date stand to change how we carry on with our lives.

Smaller the better they say, have you ever taken the time to really analyze how much these tiny electronic devices affect our functioning? As we approach year end, we want you to help analyze the impact these devices have.

As an online and offline electronics shop, we are obviously in love with these magical devices that technologists have crafted for masses. To illustrate a few examples of how we don’t even realize how fun it is to have these in our lives like the sweet sound of cordless bell for calling anyone or imagine getting up to change the channel; the havoc kids create with randomly pressing the button and tapping the TV box to gain clarity – this almost never happens now with the TV remote unless your kids are the notorious kind.

With the advent of computers and mouses, we click away to everything including discounts on everything including an infamous incident where a wife puts her husband on sale online for just INR 1400! Not many people die from the shock now than previously, thanks to cables and vanishing genre of horror movies and many more such good & bad & better & horrific examples and exploits of smart machines.

We have been provided with aeroplanes, machines, cell phones and the power of the internet to tap into areas that were once unreachable even in our thoughts. But it is the incidents like these (selling husbands & selfie addicts) that raises our eyebrows and forces us to beg the question – are we over-relying on our devices? We are enjoying the machines for over a decade now and it has streamlined our communication channels, office tasks, consumerism of products and status of our well-being.

To simply break down the effect – adverse or beneficial, let us analyze based on two important factors of well-being 1) mental and 2) physical:

Nitty gritty of scientific analysis on the effect of electronics to create statistics about it using the technology is proof enough that we are overly dependent on technology! So we will refrain from doing that. We want to talk with you about the actual human aspect and effect of technology on us. After all, a majority of us are laymen. Let’s keep it simple & crisp.

Mental Aspects:

Hardrive is full but memory is free. We don’t bother to learn phone numbers or calculate our basic fares. While that is good for some, some criticize it as overly dependent? Is that all? No, calculators are great and so are phone directories. Adverse is when we misinterpret technological space with reality.

How often do you find yourself stressed when your phone is about to die or the internet is not working? Do you crib when lights are out? That is the only cost we must force ourselves not to pay for the luxury that we enjoy.

At the same time, smart electronic devices started out as luxury devices to have but that is not the case anymore. Hence, it shows the inseparable embodiment of need it has placed in our world. So while we must accept it as a necessity, but never mistake it for more than a luxury.

It is hard to imagine a world without electronics, but if it turns out to be a reality, many wonder how many of us can survive without it? Answer ideally should be affirmative that we can.

What should we try? We should not try to escape the real world for screen time

Physical Aspect:

Putting your funky headphones (click here) or a classic pair of earphones (click here) and exercising is definitely an amazing way to motivate yourself to workout.

Lazing around the day in video games & neglecting your health is not. As for physical barriers, technology has only shrunk the space – communication with anyone in the world and transportation at any time, anywhere!

Online shopping is great so go check out our site now! It reduces carbon footprint in many ways than others (work from home options cutbacks traveling & etc.).

Mobile accessories like chargers, power banks, adaptors, cables & more make our everyday life smooth sailing, keeping us connected to the world and our closed ones!

Since running the shop for the past 18 years, you think we would have figured out the bigger picture in this. But it seems the possibilities in which technology can mold our lives are endless. Hence figuring it out is equally a long and dynamic process. So as to decide who wins the classic debate of Is technology good for us, the winner will always be at loss and loser will always be the winner.

If you tilt towards technology is not good for us that means you are willing to live without it making it harder compared to others to perform daily tasks. And if you give up the dilemma of technology being bad, it makes so many things effortless yet burdening.

Not to conclude but we sell this notion to our customers that in this classic debate of is technology good for us. We see it is multi-dimensional approach and ‘self-control over remote control’ is where the trick lies. Fields like telemedicine, technology-driven exercise, and smart city are definitely large-scale benefits but when it comes to micro-level, electronics and technology shouldn’t be allowed to take control. One must openly accept the technology and its many benefits but exercise control over it and not the other way around.

This is what we attribute to “Self-Control over Remote Control”, however, if it is time to get new remote and other electronic accessories, you know what to do – click here!

With this sharing of little wisdom and resolution to drive technology towards our betterment in the coming year, we want to wish all of you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR – A Happy & Tech-Savvy 2019.