Retail to E-commerce – Bringing the best of both worlds

“Don’t search, just breathe & go straight to your cart!
Learn what we offer & why consumerism is at our core – Every shop
is about the merchandise, where is the support? A protagonist cannot excel without the supporting cast”

In good old days, retail meant establishing a supply chain with multiple channels at multiple locations to maximize profit. Retail meant more physical reach to cater to more demand. Since the inception, we, at Pooja Electronics, have started focusing on an aspect of retailing with our shop and local marketing strategies. Most important was that we provide each customer with the right product with proper expected quality. We want to take the goodwill of business at a higher level. This has helped our retail business immensely. The satisfaction of our thousands of customers has inspired us to reach to the greater scale of being more equipped. Hence, we envisioned to enter into the new realm of retail – the frenzy of internet’s market! This widens our presence across the nation & helps you to reach to our sorted products easily.

We were determined to go online in order to increase our reach from the city of Vadodara to the entire nation. Making a paradigm shift, we have started selling online with our prime products –remotes & cables. Let’s talk about why we offer what we offer? A protagonist cannot excel without the supporting cast! Where every new and upcoming e-commerce & retail chain is focussed on either two-three major segments like clothing, luxury & big electronics items, there are few like us who have diverged into the online market with offering things that you actually need when stuck – a costly phone with faulty charger, 5-star Air Conditioner with broken remote! Pooja Electronics will deliver.

Remotes: You cannot exchange your kid who keeps the volume high but you can child lock your TV with our remotes! Or maybe more – like control the entire house.

We intend to serve each customer with the compatible remote, after confirming the model of their existing remote of any gadget – Set Top Box, DTH, TV, LCD, LED, DVD, Music Player, Car Audio Player, Home Theatre, or AC. Your existing product details help us to deliver the correct product without dealing physically. You can avail these services on our website, WhatsApp (+91-9016382240) and on-call ordering.

Cables & Power Adaptors: Untangle the mess which heated your head and short-circuited half of the house’s electronics.

These are the same essential things that you require to keep electronic items like Set Top Box, TV, Music instruments, Set Top Box, Tablets, CCTV Camera, Solar Light, Modem, LED Monitor, TV Tuner Card, Cordless Phones, Weighing Scale, Scanner, IT Gadgets and etc. healthy. A faulty cable is devil’s den waiting to come out in flames. At Pooja electronics, you get assured high-quality cables and power adaptors for your home and offices. You can choose the order and get it delivered. We can guide and even get you in touch on call.

Electronic Accessories: A wide range of all the possible perfect partners in crime for your mobile phone or anything automatic device that has the “smart” in it.

All types of computer peripherals, mind-blowing headphones, power banks, and magic mathematician’s favorite calculators – Pooja electronics gives you one shop wonder to order all at once. Some of these products which are rare and tiny peripherals which you don’t find it easily unless you roam the entire city to locate that one customer care center. We recognize the struggle to get that socket for motherboard & we don’t want you to suffer.

Spending time on searching is not gold, just old!

So, it’s time to click here & enjoy a hassle-free process of ordering the compatible product, even without searching for it. You can click here for sharing with us your existing product picture or any other relevant details directly (WhatsApp +91-9016382240). In response, we’ll share a link to order your compatible product from our website.

Truly Hassle free – follow these simple steps:
1) Click here: +91-9016382240
2) Send us a picture of the product (yes, a broken remote with a label will do!)
3) Get the link
4) Order & Pay
5) You are awesome, give us a rating too!

The process ends with successful and easy delivery of the product at your place. Needless to say that we have always got you covered with our pre-sale and post-sale support.