Every decision we make here, begins with two questions that we ask ourselves- One, will it help solve something? And Two, will it make users’ choices all the more easier? If the answer’s yes, we generally tend to go ahead with it.

Under this light, it isn’t much difficult to understand the choice of operating our business on WhatsApp, is it? We’ve had the goal of placing quality solutions as close to you as possible, and WhatsApp is the number 1 messaging app across over 100 nations. Why wouldn’t we place ourselves where you are?

We felt the need to talk a bit on the ways we intend to put this platform to use, and why we decided to do so. That’s pretty much what this blog is aimed at.

There are two things we do on WhatsApp

Checking what you’ve got at home

When it comes to electronic appliances, compatibility is quite a big issue. And when it comes to remotes and power cables, the mind-numbing amount of choices does not help the case. There are far too many online orders placed with a “I just hope it’s the right one” mentality. This needs to stop.

Send us a picture! It’s that simple. Whether you wish to get a remote, power adapter, or a cable, just send us the picture of your appliance back home. Our team will look it up and pick out the peripheral that’s compatible with what you’ve sent.

Sending over what we’ve got

Let’s be honest here. This isn’t food or a dress. No one’s really interested in window-shopping for remotes and cables. So, allow us to do that for you.

Once you send us the picture of the accessory of your appliance back home, our team will send you the order link for the compatible accessory. That is, if you send us a picture of your old remote, we’ll send you the link to the precise one that you’re looking for. That’s online shopping made easy, just as it should be.

Why WhatsApp?

Lately, there’s been quite a buzz around transferring business operations on to WhatsApp, and it isn’t without good reason. That being said, not every firm has begun making the most of it yet. People are still skeptical about it. We at Pooja Electronics, are not.

When it comes to “whatsapping” our services to our customers, we believe there to be quite many benefits tied to it. Here are the central factors that have gone behind our thinking-

The level of accessibility is second to none

Let’s say we send over our product links to you over fax. Or how about a physical mail? Better yet, we’ll give you call and narrate the details for you to write them down. Yes, this isn’t going to happen.

So, what’s the fastest and easiest way for us to reach you? What’s among the very first things that crosses your minds as soon as we wake up? Checking your messages. And so, we decided to get our business there.

A space to have a chat

An edge that physical stores have against online ones, is the level of personal interaction that they offer. Any query that a user has, he/she can sort it out with the staff right away. We wanted to send this benefit over to online shopping.

Operating on WhatsApp would mean that we’re always right at your fingertips. For a stronger and better customer-engagement, we’ve decided to build this platform up into a hub for direct interaction. Simply because in Ecommerce, real conversation is priceless – be it before or after sale.

Why WhatsApp in particular?

Are there not many other messaging apps? Yes, there are. There’s Instagram, SMS, Facebook, LINE, MMS, and many more. And yes, these platforms have an important role to play in marketing. But when it comes to the global and personalized appeal that WhatsApp carries? There’s pretty much none better.

Across over 180 nations, WhatsApp is recorded to be among the most preferred messaging apps, and it accounts for over a whopping 60 billion messages per day. It’s only natural that we’d like our message to be one among these billions.

No extra costs

This bit is for us. WhatsApp is a bulk messaging platform, and it wouldn’t cost us a single penny to build a meaningful interaction with our customers. With expensive marketing platforms in plenty, this here is quite a welcome change. So, it doesn’t add to our costs.

Small choice, Big difference

We’re aware that while running a business, it’s always the little things that end up making the difference. Because practically every business out there takes those big and obvious steps. But it’s the tiny, subtle steps that we intend to capitalize on.

We’re ever on the hunt for making your lives easier, may it be by the smallest of margins. Our decision of using the platform of WhatsApp in the way we’ve done, is just a small little step in that direction.