The Pooja Electronics Welcomes You

‘Value To You’ Gives Value To Us

And Our Existence!

With immense high feels, we are excited to present the very first blog of our website. I hope you all can understand that it is indeed tough to build real rapport when online, we don’t want to offer trust with a label like “trusted by many” because we aim to earn it and assure you.

Here is Our Introductory Offering – The Story of our Journey.

It was all started by Mr Jaikishan Jagwani, who began his career as a TV technician. He even tried running a small Gift shop, named as ‘Pooja Palace’. To earn bread and butter for his family, he explored alternatives to grow more in the Electronics segment. With struggles in life, he wanted to earn more to fulfil his family needs. So, he started dealing in second-hand TVs along with their servicing. Let me tell you one thing, this man never stopped growing and exploring through life.  His growth continued with the addition of sales of a few electronic accessories. That is when Pooja Electronics took shape in November 2000.

The product line of accessories was initially meant only for technicians. Later on, we increased the variety and introduced it for end users, for their domestic use. The customer base eventually started becoming more and more vibrant. This is when Mr Jaikishan tasted his first taste of success in this niche business of accessories. And gradually, the supply of wide range of remotes became the prime mover of Pooja Electronics, along with adopting bulk sales and reselling of the same.

In addition, we also widened our product range to the variety of cables & wires, power adapters, cordless bells, power strips, mobile accessories and many more. This approach of adopting a local shop business model and merging it with the idea of a larger supply chain and procuring high-end products has worked well as a unique model.

A new paradigm got added in 2018; when his son, Deepak Jagwani took this business online as expansion, keeping in mind the long-term vision for our business. After two and a half years of industrial experience, he joined as a contributor to the business to kick-start his entrepreneurial career. He aims at reaching customers in varied ways and with better offerings. And here you are reading this on our first online store and we thank you for that. The feeling is overwhelming!

We intend to keep giving assured reasons to our clients to celebrate with quality products at affordable price. Along with the product, you will also take an assurance of trust and quality to your home. Just ask any of our happy customers for years! And they’ll tell you how they carry a belief in their mind of being covered by Pooja Electronics’ reliable support. Since its inception, we at Pooja Electronics largely engage in selling. Our lesser known expertise is also on advising for correct and compatible items to the customer because we don’t believe in cheating or fooling a customer to buy certain products for our profits. We want our customers to have a hassle-free and rightful purchasing experience. And, this has given them a strong reason to visit us again.

We deal with electronic accessories and exchange smiles. It becomes a happy moment for us when a remote seeking customer leaves without any purchase made because their old remote gets sorted by just changing the batteries. We value these small gestures more and that has made us earn real profits. Some of it is intangible and uncountable.

At Pooja Electronics, our prime focus is to create value through our reliable services and quality products. We are quite delighted and really excited to introduce our online store for electronics – and blogs to deliver value through not only our products but also through quality content.  Keep reading and shopping- Because why limit yourself to one thing, when you can have the best of both worlds?

A lot of exciting products and technology reviews, facts, and write-ups are on your way!

We want you to feel as good about your experience with us as you do while sitting on your sofa and relaxing with TV and other technology!

Hence our tagline- ‘Value to you’ suffices our ‘WHY’ of existence.